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Equine Art

Velasquez Artistry, which officially began in 2001, became Brightly Hude Studio after Adalee was married in 2011. Mentored by Pour Horse Pottery, Velasquez Artistry (and early Brightly Hude) was a one-woman studio that focused on ceramic horse sculpture, painting and production.  Below you'll find a selection of Adalee's favorite horses, plus a few other animals and pin sculpts. Adalee may dabble in equine ceramics again one day, but she's having too much fun painting at the present.

Sweet Kate, Falconbridge, Skara Brae

Brigand, Black Jack Davy, Sheila 

 Jitterbug, Jellibaby

 Toot Sweet, Callahan

Adagio and Arpeggio

Pins and animals