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My Story: Why I Make Catholic Art (Part IV)

Adalee Hude

My children's book collection is growing while my time is shrinking! Rather than skip blogging altogether, I thought I would repost my Catholic conversion (reversion) story here, that I have been writing for my email newsletter. Enjoy! 


A very Hude Wedding Day... 11+ years ago!

Conversion (Reversion) Story- Part IV; the Conclusion!
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I went from clueless Catholic to Catholic nerd in the span of about two years, and each year thereafter only deepened my relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. I also realized that I was being called to the vocation of marriage, but I’d always been rather… inept on that front. Despite my reservations, I finally signed up for Ave Maria Singles, an online meeting site for dedicated Catholics.  I knew that if I married a man who was not also on fire in his faith, I would drive him crazy!  6 months went by with little progress, and I decided to quit for a while.  I turned on my laptop to switch to inactive, when I saw a short, sweet message that piqued my interest. As I recall, it began, “I don’t dance, but…” (swing dancing was my hobby, at the time). I responded to that message, and Mr. Hude wrote back the next day. Our messages got more and more frequent until we both ended up spending a couple of hours at night writing one another. Then came the phone calls, Skype calls, and eventually trips between CA and WA (he had a sister in CA, and my mom’s best friend lived 30 minutes from him. It was pretty convenient!). We realized pretty quickly that God had plans for us as a couple, and we wed a little less than a year after meeting in person.  It’s hard to believe that was over 11 years ago!


Journeying in faith with Mr. H has been such a blessing, as we are always on the lookout to strengthen each other.  From him I learned about G.K. Chesterton, Peter Kreeft, Catholic Answers & more.  I helped lead him into new devotions and various forms of prayer. And always, Mr. H was supportive of my artistic endeavors.  When we married, I was a ceramist sculpting and producing horses for collectors.  I did enjoy it, but I felt a tug at my heart to work more for the Lord. 


The painting that started it all! "Worthy is the Lamb," finished on December 31st, 2013.

It was easy to ignore this tug for a few years; my pieces sold well and if I needed money for something extra, I just worked a little longer and made a few more pieces. I took a brief break and tried making felt mobiles for an Etsy shop; I was thinking that ceramics and babies don’t mix well, and thought I should maybe have another trade, should any come along (they did not; but that is a story for another time). One cannot put the Lord off too long; He finally encouraged me to enter a religious art contest with a big prize.  The subject was the Apocalypse, a book I had been studying a lot in trying to learn more about the Mass. I entered and lost, but a fire was lit. I could not be content in the secular art world. I recall walking the grounds of a neighboring parish, at some event, talking with Mr. H and asking if he thought I should switch to Catholic art full time, even though I didn’t really know what I’d be doing, had no connections in the Catholic art world, no customers, and we would lose all of my ceramic horse income. Not hesitating, he said yes, go for it. Mr. H then proceeded to help me in one of the most stressful times in my life, prepping and traveling down to San Diego for the 2016 Catholic Answers Conference to vend my paintings, art prints and greeting cards. I didn’t quite break even, but my art was well received and I was encouraged to do more.  


Once God sets me on a path, I keep running down it, unless directed otherwise. So here I am running and running, leaping (though not always clearing) hurdles, squeezing in time for my art in between being a full-time mom to our two year old (adopted) son, and still tying to be a goodly wife for my patient Mr. H. Things can be a bit frantic, but I love it all, knowing that I am on the path I am meant to be. May God bless you and lead you down your right path!


Meet Adalee
Mom, Freelance Illustrator, and Catholic Author Adalee Hude is passionate about children's literature and gets giddy over good art. She spends most of the day with her very bouncy boy, evenings with her beloved Mr. H, and sneaks into her Brightly Hude Studio early in the morning, with a strong cuppa tea.

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