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My Story: Why I Make Catholic Art (Part II)

Adalee Hude

My children's book collection is growing while my time is shrinking! Rather than skip blogging altogether, I thought I would repost my Catholic conversion (reversion) story here, that I have been writing for my email newsletter. Enjoy! 

Lauren and I

A younger me, with my sweet friend Lauren, who encouraged me to sew!


Earlier, I spoke about my strong childhood faith which gradually faded to “going through the motions” by the time I hit my teens. To be sure I still prayed and went to Mass- my prayers were pretty self-centered and childish at the time (mainly I kept asking God for a boyfriend, in my angsty-teen way). I’m sorry to say that not much changed into young adulthood. At 22 I was a college graduate, a small business owner for two years (sculpting and producing ceramic horses from my little apartment), living on my own with my little gray cat, pretty darn lonely and likely a little depressed. I knew I needed to move; but where? I briefly discussed moving in with a cousin, but there was not a good place to run my ceramic kiln. But then God opened a door; one of my best friends, my ceramic mentor who lived in North County San Diego, told me that her nearby cousin was looking for a roommate. I’d met her a couple of times and liked her, plus I relished the chance to move out of L.A. It all worked out and I found myself in the house of a sweet girl who would become one of my dearest friends. She was also a fervent Christian, and invited me to join the Bible study she was hosting at her house, through her Evangelical Free church. I knew my faith life needed a boost, so I heartily agreed, and met some wonderfully on-fire Christians as we studied the Word of God each week in the living room. I really enjoyed those sessions, but questions would pop up here and there, that I had no clue about. The group had a mixed faith background and frequented churches of various denominations in the area, so there were many viewpoints shared around. As a Catholic, I had been lamenting for years that I was not taught much about my faith, but suddenly it dawned on me; I’m a grown woman!  If I want to know something, I can look it up! This would lead me down a path into a bright new world, and there was no looking back. 

Stay tuned for more!   



Meet Adalee
Mom, Freelance Illustrator, and Catholic Author Adalee Hude is passionate about children's literature and gets giddy over good art. She spends most of the day with her very bouncy boy, evenings with her beloved Mr. H, and sneaks into her Brightly Hude Studio early in the morning, with a strong cuppa tea.

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