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My Story: Why I make Catholic Art (Part I)

Adalee Hude

My children's book collection is growing while my time is shrinking! Rather than skip blogging altogether, I thought I would repost my Catholic conversion (reversion) story here, that I have been writing for my email newsletter. Enjoy!

Young Me

I’ve read a few conversion stories of late, which I always enjoy, so I thought I’d put a few snippets of mine here.  I am a “cradle Catholic,” baptized into the faith when I was wee.  I grew up going to Sunday school. I generally liked it, until middle school. My oldest faith-related memory was from when I was about 4, riding home from church, looking up at the freeway overpasses and thinking that yes, I was meant to be Catholic. This was where God wants me to be. I could be a ponderous child when I stopped bouncing around to think about things. My young and personal confession of faith, by the grace of God, has remained with me all of my life. Still, the older I grew as a child, the more secondary faith became; especially when hobbies, boys, schoolwork and friends loomed large. I was passionate, prideful, and rather self-centered through my tweens and teens. I was the archetypal “know it all” oldest sister. Faith formation was pretty boring to me then (looking back, it probably really was!), and I shifted into a more cultural status-quo mode of living. Sure, I went to church, but I was little different than those around me. Just more “artsy” I suppose! I continued this way longer than I care to admit…. 

to be continued!



Meet Adalee
Mom, Freelance Illustrator, and Catholic Author Adalee Hude is passionate about children's literature and gets giddy over good art. She spends most of the day with her very bouncy boy, evenings with her beloved Mr. H, and sneaks into her Brightly Hude Studio early in the morning, with a strong cuppa tea.

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