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Book Review: The Beggar and the Bluebird

The Beggar and the Bluebird

Artwork © Sophia Press 


Guest Reviewer: Christine Peters


By Anthony DeStefano &  Illustrated by: Richard Cowdrey

This beautifully written and illustrated children’s book follows the pattern of a fairy tale. 

The beggar and bluebird meet in a snowy city park on the day before Christmas.  Like a fairy tale with 3 turn-of-events, the beggar pleadingly charges the bluebird with 3 tasks of flying across town to help people in need – a hungry beggar, a poor young widow with children, and a boy in the hospital. 



All art © Richard Cowdrey/Sophia Institute Press


The bluebird knows a winter storm is coming and reminds the beggar that he needs to fly south to survive the cold, but he selflessly gives of himself and performs the 3 tasks anyway.  This leads to a surprising, “happily ever after” ending.  I read it to a 1st grade class at St. Joseph Catholic School (in Vancouver, WA) and they were engaged from the beginning, and very surprised at the end. 




This book subtly teaches children about the Corporal Works of Mercy, as well as Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people…” 

Find it at your local Catholic Bookstore or at Sophia Institute Press!



The Beggar and the Bluebird

Author: Anthony DeStefano

Illustrator: Richard Cowdrey

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Age Range: 7-12 years




Guest Reviewer
Christine, a life-long Catholic, is an elementary educator since 1974, and enjoys collecting and sharing children's books.  She teaches 2nd grade Faith Formation and SacPrep at her parish, and started a Prayer Shawl Ministry in her free time.


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