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Book Review: Stations of the Cross for Kids

Stations of the Cross for Kids

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Recently, I acquired a copy of Stations of the Cross for Kids by Regina Doman and illustrated by Chris Lewis.  Now that Lent is upon us, it is a timely book to review, especially if yours is a family that attends the Stations of the Cross at church.




There is a lot to this little book! You will find the traditional prayers that may be said at your parish, such as the Opening Responsorial (“We adore you, O Christ…), the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, as well as the Stabat Mater in English and Latin. Also included with each station is the Prayer of Love to Jesus by St. Alphonsus Liguori, as well as a sidebar with interesting facts about each station. These sections offered a lot of information that was new to me, such as the history of The Stations of the Cross, information on the Relics of the True Cross, the Holy Nails, and the Holy Coat of Christ, and the story of Golgatha. It all adds up to a thorough experience of the Stations of the Cross.




Popular Catholic artist Chris Lewis, of Baritus Catholic Illustration, was a great choice for this book. His rugged, slightly woodcut style, suits the gravity of the subject. I think young boys would especially appreciate his style. Just as there is a lot going on with the text, there is a good deal happening in the images as well. Not only do you see the familiar scenes of Jesus being judged, condemned and ultimately crucified, but in the city of Jerusalem surrounding him, figures are playing parts large and small. You can look for people helping Jesus, hurting Jesus, or ignoring him completely. People are doing both praiseworthy things and sinful things (such as stealing apples), in the background. And I noticed that you can follow around St. Peter’s crowing rooster on each page!


If your children appreciate detail and interesting facts, then is is a great introductory Stations of the Cross book. You ask for it at your local Catholic Bookstore, or head on over to TAN Books for a copy!




Stations of the Cross for Kids

Author: Regina Doman

Illustrator: Chris Lewis

Publisher: TAN Books

Age Range: 5-10 years



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