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Book Review: My Catholic Picture Bible Stories

The Great Adventure Kids My Catholic Picture Bible Stories


While rummaging through my godson’s box ‘o books, I came across The Great Adventure Kids, My Catholic Picture Bible Stories picture book. Being a huge fan of Fr Mike’s “Bible in a Year” podcast, which also uses The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, I had to check it out. I was excited to explore this timeline in a kid-friendly format. It was impressive! I have looked at a few children’s bibles over the years, and for how compact this one is, it is very comprehensive. Written by Jan Godfrey and illustrated by Angela Jolliffe, this book covers most of the major biblical time periods, and neatly sums up a lot of bible stories in 1-2 pages each. It is color coded to match their other bible materials, for children and adults.

From Adam and Eve to the Book of Revelation, this book is a great second or third step up from baby bibles. The words are just long enough to tell each story, and the stories are told in a relatable way. I laughed at the story of Moses and Pharaoh;

“God says ‘Let my people go,” said Moses.

“No way, said the King. “Don’t even think about it.”

I’m sure your children will enjoy the dialog as well!  Jan is also very sensitive to children’s sensibilities when discussing the harder parts of the Bible (like death and destruction), and is very gentle.




The illustrations by Angela are simple, but effective and expressive.  I think they shine the most when expressing the big emotions, such as the joy of Joseph reuniting with his brothers, Jonah about to be swallowed by a whale, and Peter’s net being laden with fish. I love the bright colors of course, and the lovely little touches in the corners and around the borders on many of the pages.




If you have children who are ready to take the next step towards bible literacy, My Catholic Picture Bible Stories is a great choice for your family! Snag yourself a copy today.



My Catholic Picture Bible Stories

Author: Jan Godfrey

Illustrator: Angela Jolliffe

Publisher: Ascension Press 

Suggested Age Range: 4-7 years




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