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Book Review: Light of Sunday

Light of Sunday

All Art © 2019 Katrina Harrington

This is my son’s much loved copy of Light of Sunday by Geena Harrington, illustrated by Katrina Harrington, second edition. It was a gift from his grandparents. I had purchased two copies of the first edition book for my friends’ kids, in the original Kickstarter that launched this publication, so I was excited to see the revamp, and have a copy in our collection. Light of Sunday has a simple premise- it teaches your kids about Catholic worship on Sundays. It introduces the building, the parts of the Mass, the elements and objects of the Mass (now we know exactly which item is the ciborium!), and how we worship. It is a beautiful introduction!




Light of Sunday is visually appealing as well. Using a mix of photographs and lovely hand-painted watercolors, all of the elements mentioned above are arranged in an easy to follow format, on a simple white background. I know that all of the flowing florals painted by Katrina Harrington have symbolic Christian meanings (eg. grapes painted behind the chalice), which I love. My son simply loves to see other kids in books, especially kids doing things. So this board book was a big hit with him, and remains so!




The second edition of the book has a bit more to it than the first edition; more items, more diversity. I recently found that it is carried by Sophia Institute Press, which is wonderful, as it makes the book always available! It does not look like this publisher made many, if any changes to it, from the previews I saw. I’m glad, as I think Light of Sunday is just peachy as it is. If you’re ready to introduce the youngest of your crew to the Mass, and want to do it in a way that you’ll enjoy as well, this book can’t be beat! Check it out today.



Light of Sunday

Author: Geena Harrington

Illustrator: Katrina Harrington

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

My suggested age range: 0-3 yrs.



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