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Book Review: God the Father and the Best Day Ever



Last year, I was sent a review copy of God the Father and the Best Day Ever, by Gracie Jagla, illustrated by Jacob Popcak. I recall doing a tidy little review of it on my (former) Instagram account. Today I’m taking a deeper dive!

I think I can sum up this book using one word- whimsical! It is a very light-hearted look at a profound subject- our redemption.  Gracie goes through the creation, fall, and salvation of mankind in a very kid-friendly and creative manner. She helps to explain the concept of these events in a way that children can more easily follow and contemplate. Written in rhyming verse, the paragraphs are not long, which is great for short attention spans! Overall, it gives a parent good fodder for beginning conversations about sin and grace. This story is perfect for Lent and Easter, or any time you wish to delve into the reasons why the world is as it is, and what God’s plan was and is for us. 


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Jacob Popcak’s illustrations add to the whimsy of this book. I laughed when I saw the giant band-aid placed on the side of Adam! It was an unwritten reference to Genesis 2:22, when God took a rib from Adam’s side, to form Eve. And I’ve never seen such a hip-looking God the Father! Yes, his hair is slightly purple, and pulled into a bun/ponytail as He’s busy creating in his fanciful tree workshop. I think the purple hair is meant to evoke a shade of gray, as most of the colors in this book veer toward darker purples/cooler colors. The tree symbolizes Heaven, which I imagine is a reference to the Tree of Life from the Book of Revelation.  All of the figures are well drawn, and have lively and expressive faces. God the Father has an especially great smile. My son enjoyed pointing to all of the tiny saints that surrounded God, in the tree. Your little ones may be just as engaged!


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If you have a fondness for allegory and looking at Biblical concepts through different lenses, this book may be just the thing for your family. Head on over to OSV or your local book store today!



God the Father and the Best Day Ever

Author: Gracie Jagla

Illustrator: Jacob Popcak

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

Suggested Age Range: 5-8 years




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