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Author Interview: Colleen Pressprich

Colleen Pressprich


Welcome to another author interview! Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Colleen Pressprich, author of our recently reviewed book, Marian Consecration for Families with Young Children, that was illustrated by Rebecca Górzyńska.

A former missionary and former Montessori teacher, Colleen seeks to use the lessons she learned in the mission field and the classroom to live her dream homeschooling and building the domestic church. Colleen lives with her husband, children, and grandmother in Michigan, where they enjoy everything about spring, summer, and fall, and hate the winters.


Hi Colleen! Tell us, how did you decide to do a Marian Consecration book for young children? What inspired you to decide to do Catholic children’s literature? 


When my eldest was not quite three, I noticed that she was already drawn to Mary. I always make my consecration renewal for the feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I started to think about ways to include her, ways to teach her more about Our Lady. I went searching for a book or set of resources for our family to use, but couldn’t find any. So my husband, always my champion, pointed out that I’m a capable woman and should just write one. The idea stuck in my head and my heart, and after a lot of prayer, I started writing this book for our daughter. As I wrote, God kept prodding my introverted heart, and I knew that I needed to share it. 


Marian Consecration


That is beautiful. How did you get your start with this book; who gave you your big break? 


It was actually a combination of my father-in-law and my incredible editor, Mary Beth at OSV. My FIL is an incredible businessman and very knowledgeable about a lot of areas that were new to me at the beginning of this process, so when I felt like the book was ready to be sent to publishers, I asked him for feedback and help on my book proposal. The proposal is essentially a sales and marketing document you send to publishers to convince them that your book is worth their time and money to publish. Wonderful man that he is, he went through draft after draft with me, helping me to hone my pitch. And because he was helping with that, he was one of the people who had read the manuscript itself. 

Well, he surprised me one Saturday morning with a text saying that he was at a conference and happened to have breakfast with an old friend who happened to be in publishing. He told this friend about the book his daughter had written, and that I should expect an email from an editor at Our Sunday Visitor. 

And sure enough, I got an email from Mary Beth the next week, and she was willing to read my book and take a chance on a new author. 


What surprised you most about the publication process?


So many things! I had no idea how long the process is- from the moment a contract is signed until release date can be years. 


Can you tell us one or two of your favorite Children’s books?


That is probably one of the most difficult questions I’m ever asked, and so I always answer with whichever are current favorites in my household. Right now that would be Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty, which is delightful and witty and just brilliantly done. And the other favorite right now is President Taft Got Stuck in the Bath. My husband laughed so loudly in the bookstore that he got dirty looks from the book club that was meeting. 


Of course we all want to know, what are you working on now?


I have two current projects in the works, one I am actively writing and the other is paused while I wait for edits. The first is a picture book: Women Doctors of the Church, and the second is a Jesse Tree for Families. Both are due for release in 2022 with Our Sunday Visitor. 


That first book in progress sounds familiar to me.... And I must say, I am super excited about the Jesse Tree book! Thank you so much Colleen for chatting with me; I truly enjoyed your Marian Consecration book, and look forward to your upcoming titles!


If you would like to learn more about Colleen Pressprich and her work, you can find her here:

Website: elevatortoheaven.com 

Instagram: @colleenpressprich

Pinterest: pinterest.com/cmpressprich

Book:  Marian Consecration for Families with Young Children




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