Stormy Weather was sold at auction in April of 2012.

Stormy Weather is the resin "Stormwatch" by the talented Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, that I painted.  He is a slightly rosy dapple grey with a dark mane and tail.  He's got details galore- from fun facial markings, hooves with growth rings and stripes (and a fair bit of "mud" on them!), and some lovely contrasty areas in his mane and tail- oh, and don't forget his layers and layers of dapples!  Stormy Weather was painted using acrylic, gesso, underglaze, and colored pencil.  He's been well sealed using Krylon Matte spray.  This is his gallery.  All photos are by the wonderful Mel Miller.

See below for pictures galore!

More Pictures!

This auction was first announced on the BrightlyHude Yahoo Group.