A Little Bit Country


Let me first say congratulations to Bobbi, the winner of the Wearing History Mermaid Mobile Give-Away!  Many thanks to all who entered, and to Lauren for holding the giveaway.  And don’t forget, the Brightly Hude Home September Sale is still running until the end of the month:


Now then, I mentioned before that I’ve been working on many projects around the home over the past months- let’s get to sharing!  First up, a quick project that started out a little bit (too) country, and ended up a little bit…  cottage-style?  It was super easy, but the changes made a world of difference.

Here’s our sturdy, $10, thrifted shelf.  It even had two heavy-duty hanging hooks on the back, which was great!  But the orangey color and country cut-out heart was not quite what I had in mind for my studio (a place in desperate need of more shelving, at the time!).

Voilà, Anne Sloan Chalk paint!  I used white, and it only took a sample size to complete the project (luckily I already had a big tub of finishing wax).  Here it is with one coat:

And a second coat!  I wasn’t quite sure what to do about the heart.  I was thinking of covering it with some laser-cut wood design, but I couldn’t find one that was the right size.  Then I happened upon a lace doily I had that fit great!  I painted it to match the shelf and glued it on.

IMG_1367Here it is in action- helping me to be more organized!  I decided to display one of my horse sculptures on top because it was sturdy enough, and because its fun.  The little jars I found at World Market, and the big ones came from a rummage sale.

That’s it for this week!  Stay tuned for more “before & afters!”


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  1. Love. I’m needing to figure out a few storage ideas for my office. Unfortunately, I need something more than tiny shelves–my whole desk is overwhelmed! I look forward to seeing more B/As. Maybe it will give me some ideas. :-)

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