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Adagio & Arpeggio
In Limited Edition Custom Ceramic & Resin Editions

Currently, Adagio & Arpeggio are being offered in a batch of 9 horses, via auction.

Details here!

The ceramic editions will be a more limited run-  they are difficult horses to produce, so I will likely not do too many.
Ceramic pieces will be sold via auction, random & scheduled announcements, and a few will be sold privately.
Horses will not be sold until they are completed.

The Resin Edition is


Both versions stand about 3" tall, and are being produced in Ceramic and Resin editions. 
The Resin edition is now closed, but a few reserved pieces may be available in the future.

The Above horses are painted samples.  Resin horses were sold in white, unprepped, unpainted resin.  Click above to see more pictures!


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