Brightly Hude Studio's Sales Policy

Payment Methods
PayPal, Money Orders or Cashier's Checks are the preferred form of payment.
Brightly Hude Studio accepts personal checks from previous customers,
(made out to Brightly Hude Studio) but they must clear your bank before a piece is shipped.

You are welcome to make your purchase with a credit card through PayPal.
My PayPal address is: sales (at) brightlyhude (dot) com . PayPal orders will be shipped only
to the shipping address on the account.  The sale may be voided if the shipping address is not verified.

Brightly Hude reserves the right to re-sell the piece to another party if
at least an initial payment is not received within five (5) business days of the sale.
Late payment constitutes a default.  Defaults will result in an order cancellation
and risk exclusion from future sales.   

Domestic (to the U.S.A.) shipping, insurance and WA sales tax are generally included
in the purchase price of the piece, unless stated otherwise.  Brightly Hude ships USPS or FedEx unless other
arrangements are made ahead of time.  International shipping will be charged the exact shipping amount, unless stated otherwise.
International insurance (when allowed by the service) may be added on at an additional cost. 
Extra special services (domestic & international) will be
an additional charge for the full amount, unless it is otherwise stated in the item's description.
Any item(s) shipped internationally will be listed accurately on a customs form
and will be sent at the full declared value, so please keep duty fees in mind if you're ordering outside of the U.S.

I make every effort to pack your piece well.  If the piece is damaged during transit, you must also provide
clear photographic evidence of the damage, prior to returning the piece.  Pieces lost, damaged, or destroyed in the mail will be
handled on a per-case basis. Generally speaking, however,  all transit liability for Brightly Hude Studio ends the moment the piece
is placed in the carrier’s care, and you must file a claim with the carrier.  Keep in mind, however, that claiming insurance usually
entails the surrender of the damaged piece, since the carrier tends to keep and destroy it to file a claim.
For that reason, insurance is more suitable to covering loss or destruction of the piece.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Brightly Hude Studio takes every measure to ensure that you receive a high quality piece,
 but you have a seven day inspection period during which if you are not completely satisfied
with your new piece, you may return it for a full refund, minus shipping charges. 
Within this seven day period, you will need to contact Brightly Hude with a written
 explanation as to why you are dissatisfied with the piece, prior to returning it. 
You must return the piece in good condition; shipped back to Brightly Hude in the
same careful manner it was shipped to you. This offer is void if the 7 day inspection
period has expired or if the piece was broken outside of shipping, exhibited/shown,
 resold or if return shipment handling was inadequate and caused loss or damage.

Time Payments
Deposits will be taken on some specific items, but in general,
I no longer accept Time Payments, layaway, or down payments unless specifically noted. 
I do not do trades, service compensation or mailed cash payments.
I gladly accept credit cards through PayPal.

If a buyer defaults on the payment of an item, Brightly Hude Studio reserves the right to cancel that sale; 
if any deposits were made, the buyer forfeits a refund of their initial deposit.


1. Bidders must follow both the the Rules of the auction site and those Brightly Hude Studio formulates.
Bids that deviate may be voided.

2. You are obligated to purchase the piece in full as a condition of
submitting a bid or offer; backing out will constitute a default.

3. Full payment must be sent postmarked within 5 days of the auction’s
close. Late payment constitutes a default. The delay in a Paypal echeck clearing does not constitute
late payment, but the check must clear before shipment.

4. Non–sufficient funds (NSF), or “bounced” payments, constitute a default.

5. Those who pre–sell the won piece before receiving it will bear all liability, including restitution
(such as refunds and reimbursements), if my decisions affect the winning bid or high offer.

6. I only accept payment from the winner and only ship the piece to the winner; “middlemen” are prohibited.
Winning bids or highest offers unable to comply will constitute a default.

7. Technical glitches in the mailing list, email, or auction system aren’t eligible for restitution or remedy.

8. If you cancel your winning bid or highest offer, that will constitute a default.

9. We pay attention to auction feedback and past actions, and will block incoming bids
and high offers from those deemed to be a risk.

10. Those who default, disappear, engage in activity prohibited by the terms,
or exhibit behavior otherwise deemed “high maintenance” will have their winning bid or
high offer cancelled, and receive other appropriate penalties such as negative feedback and ID blocking.
They will also be prohibited from submitting bids or high offers in my future offerings.

I do not repair my work if damage occurred from handling, wear and tear, negligent storage or display,
or other careless treatment while out of my care. Damage resulting from other causes
is subject to my discretion, and will be handled on a per-case basis.

Reserved Rights & Copyrights

Adalee Hude of Brightly Hude grants to her customers limited permission
to photographic copyrights for sales or photo showing.

I retain all VARA rights, reproduction copyrights, including
both original elements and derivative works, and copyrights for display, promotion and publication.

In other words:
You can customize your blank resin casting and finish it with any media, in any color you wish, but you may
not cast it or your remake, in whole or in part. As for finished pieces, you may not alter, cast or otherwise change
or duplicate my finished pieces, in whole or in part. 

Thank you!

Updated: 4-22-2015