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The Horses:

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About these pieces:

These 9 Adagios and Arpeggios will likely be the only ones I will offer for some time.  They turned out to be more challenging pieces to produce, than I had hoped.  They are poured with separate upper leg and tail pieces, and must be assembled while wet.  They take a lot of seam cleaning and sanding.  They must be balanced, and each dries a little differently, so the angle of the Levade can vary between each individual piece. They are also extremely fragile before they are fired, as they are so small! ( Each piece is about 3" tall.) Beyond this, I am now involved in multiple other projects in the Sacred Art division of my company, so my time is limited for horses.  My heart is more invested in these new ventures, and they are bringing me much joy.  But equine art will always have a special place in my life, so I'm sure it will always be there to some degree, and there yet may be a few more of these guys.  I do appreciate the support I've received from all of my horse collecting customers, and thank you for your patience with me!


Adalee Hude